Join us on July 27th at 9:30 AM for an insightful webinar on OPEN BANKING: Challenges and Opportunities for the Financial Sector in Moldova. This webinar aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Open Banking and its implications on the banking sector and traditional finance in general.

Throughout the session, we will delve into the current state and potential of Open Banking in Moldova, exploring its regulatory, business, and technological aspects. Drawing inspiration from Israel as a comparable market, we will present realistic perspectives on the challenges that may arise during the implementation of Open Banking, covering legal, business, and technological dimensions.

By attending this webinar, you will gain a clear picture of how the banking industry can benefit from Open Banking, and we will provide an example of a well-implemented Open Banking directive from the perspective of the Regulator.


  1. Definition and Overview of Open Banking: What is Open Banking and its global trends?
  2. Open Banking in Israel: Overview.
  3. The Potential of Open Banking in Moldova: Assessing the current state of the financial sector and exploring opportunities for growth and innovation.
  4. Regulatory Environment for Open Banking in Moldova: Examining existing legislation and its impact on Open Banking, as well as compliance requirements.
  5. Challenges in Implementing Open Banking: Addressing technological hurdles, security and privacy concerns, and building trust with consumers.
  6. Opportunities for Financial Institutions: Exploring potential partnerships and collaborations, improving customer experience through Open Banking, and leveraging data for personalized services.


You will hear from experts in the field from Israel and Moldova.

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This Webinar is organized by Fintech Moldova and The Israel Fintech Center in joint collaboration.

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