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Collaborating for Fintech Advancement in Moldova

Fintech Moldova is the leading initiative dedicated to advancing the fintech ecosystem in Moldova. We collaborate with key stakeholders to foster innovation and growth in the financial technology sector, concentrating on five fundamental areas…

we will launch Memberships Soon

This new membership program is designed to connect innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries with the resources, networking opportunities, and support needed to drive growth and innovation in the financial technology sector.

Starting soon, members will gain exclusive access to industry insights, partner events, and collaborative projects that are shaping the future of fintech in Moldova and beyond. Whether you are a startup, an established financial institution, or an industry enthusiast, Fintech Moldova’s Membership is your gateway to becoming a part of a vibrant community dedicated to revolutionizing financial services.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can join and take part in this exciting journey with us!

Networking Opportunities

Connect with other fintech professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the industry to build valuable relationships.

Exclusive Events

Gain access to member-only events, including workshops, seminars, and roundtable discussions led by industry experts.

Discounts and Offers

Enjoy exclusive discounts on our conferences in Moldova and events by our partners abroad.


Increase your visibility in the fintech community through features in newsletters, the Fintech Moldova website, and at events.


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