Fintech Moldova Becomes a Partner of the Baltic Payments Forum to Connect Moldovan and Baltic Fintech Ecosystems

Fintech Moldova is announcing its partnership with the Baltic Payment Forum, a major event focused on supporting the Ukrainian financial market and fostering international exchange of experience within the payment industry. The partnership will facilitate collaboration between the Baltic and Moldovan Fintech ecosystems, opening up the Moldovan finance sector to foreign service providers. The event will take place on April 25, 2023, at the Hilton Garden Inn City Center in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Baltic Payment Forum aims to create a platform for financial leaders from European countries, Ukraine, and CIS countries to share best practices, learn about new trends and innovations in the payment industry, and find new partners to boost their businesses. The forum will address the challenges and opportunities emerging in the financial markets due to the increased volume of payments resulting from the displacement of Ukrainians abroad.

Fintech Moldova’s partnership with the Baltic Payment Forum is expected to drive growth in both the Baltic and Moldovan Fintech ecosystems. The forum will host a series of strategic sessions, panel discussions, and presentations that will cover topics such as European integration, cooperation in the payment sector, and the future of digital financial services. Invited guests include top experts and representatives from the European Banking Authority, National Bank of Ukraine, Bank of Lithuania, and Bank of Latvia.

Some of the key sessions include “Europe – Ukraine: Opportunities and Risks in New Economic Reality,” “Payments in a World Without Borders,” “Payment Experience,” and “Future in Finance: Digital Transformation of Banking.” Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, share their experiences, and explore potential partnerships with industry leaders from various countries.

Fintech Moldova’s involvement in the Baltic Payment Forum demonstrates its commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the finance sector. As a partner, Fintech Moldova will help shape the future of the industry and further integrate the Moldovan Fintech sector into the global market.

The Baltic Payment Forum promises to be a significant event for those involved in the finance and payment industries, providing valuable networking opportunities and access to the latest trends and innovations. For those interested in attending, you can register for the event on their website at Be sure to use the code “Fintech MD” at checkout to receive a 10% discount on your registration.

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